Free consulting services


1. Evaluating your needs. Our experts will listen carefully to determine the exact requirements for your business events.

2. Requesting a quote. We support you in your search and site selections. In order to increase productivity in your project management, we will solicit bids from institutions that meet your needs.

3. Visits to establishments. We organize visits to the various establishments that meet your needs. You will then discover the region and its attractions, in addition to meeting with our professionals on site.

4. Fine regional produce. Show innovation and originality at your events by integrating regional products! Offering products from local producers and artisans to your participants adds a unique touch to the experience and ensures you make them happy!

5. Suggestions for activities, teambuilding activities and attractions. Improving performance within your team is a major challenge. We offer advise to make your event a good time for your strategic thinking.

6. Consulting service. We can provide additional support by meeting with the members of your organizational committee in order to outline the benefits of hosting your event in the Laurentians.

7. Documentation, guides, photos and videos are available for your participants, so you can promote your event.

8. Save time and take advantage of the expertise of our professionals to simplify the organization or your business meeting, congress or social events.

9. Graciously offered. Our consulting service is free of charge.

10. Personalized consulting service. Our consulting team is there to ensure your business event is unforgettable!