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Promoting the region: You need help to recommend the Laurentians to your customers? We provide our expertise, contacts, members of our International program, documentation, tools to generate interest and motivate travelers to choose the programs that you put forward.

Integrate the region in your itineraries: Planning an itinerary that requires logistical support? Do not hesitate to seek our advice

Itinerary page, with members’ locations shown on the map.


  • Photos: a large bank of high-resolution photos is available for your brochures, Website or to view a presentation.
  • Videos: a selection of general or themed videos is available to support the promotion of our region with your customers.
  • Documentation: we can send you a variety of brochures and maps (snowmobile, Chemin du Terroir, "Le P'tit Train du Nord" linear park.
  • PowerPoint presentations: upon request and based on your itineraries, we can help you develop PowerPoint presentations for improved promotion of the region.

Familiarization tours: Educational tours are held periodically in the region so that you can get to know it better, discover its secrets and exciting new attractions. We can also assist you if you wish to visit the area on an individual basis.

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The Laurentian region is a leader in International four-season resort tourism, with a diversity of products. A variety of experiences are on offer, all personalized to the needs of your customers, season after season.

Suggested activities, attractions, accommodation: the members of our International program all want you to have an enjoyable and memorable experience, one that is worthy of their reputation. We therefore recommend these reliable partners. We can also help you find a specific supplier (special requests).


Fabienne Hervé, International Tour and Travel Representative 
450 436-8532 poste 2238