Spring | Tourisme Laurentides


The gentle days of spring transform the Laurentians, and begin a hymn to new life.

Mountain villages become livelier, and now’s the time to head out on to the water again. Apple blossoms appear from nowhere and the whole region begins to hum to the sparking of the creative season, and all around the air smells fresh and new again.

The spring equinox also means it’s sugar shack time once more, a tradition inherited from the Amerindians, a tasty and festive way of underlining the change in temperature. A traditional event to be savoured each year. The time is ripe for a spot of bird-watching or a fishing excursion, or you can combine both sports by watching the human fauna invade the terraces, cafés and restaurants! A Laurentian spring is simply divine.

It’s a rejuvenating voyage under sunny spring skies where nature’s beauty and the fresh air of the mountains offer an invitation to get right away from it all, and leave those toques and scarves behind until next winter! Springtime in the Laurentians: it’s at once a miraculous rebirth that brings back vivid greenery to the mountains, and the feeling that everything is possible.

Other offers

Beach and fun

It is time to enjoy our off road vehicles in the mountains. Whether on a Jeep or a quad bike, a thrilling ride through the forest is waiting for you! Then, it's time to have fun at the beach on our site with swimming and fun on the lake.

ATV Package - Motel Ours Bleu

Located 300 m from route 117, Motel Ours Bleu offers rest and peace on a small island on the edge of Lake Saguay. All rooms have a terrace and a breathtaking view on the lake. 

Dinner, bed & breakfast package.

Relaxation and massage package

Package includes:

  • 2 nights lodging
  • 2 5-course breakfasts
  • 1 60-minute massage per person
  • access to: spa, sauna, rec room and home theater
  • free parking and Wi-Fi