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Sparitual Slow Beauty Package

A sensory pleasure to discover!

A 90-minute pampering treatment including body exfoliation and a relaxing massage. Includes access to the Nordic baths, bathrobe, towel and padlock.

Enter a space where time, envy and vanity no longer exist. Discover the world of ®Slow Beauty, where resourcing and well-being are first and foremost choices. The body care products and SpaRitual come in four states of Slow Beauty®, all of which are associated with a signature scent and color palette to create a unique multi-sensory experience. Our skincare rituals are designed to enhance your Slow Beauty®  experience by pampering the body, soul and spirit.

SpaRitual products are 100% vegan and contain no animal by-products. Not tested on animals, SpaRitual has a great environmental and social awareness.

Breathe deeply and let yourself enjoy your favorite phase of Slow Beauty. This relaxing body treatment uses a unique scrub method. A relaxing massage is then performed for unparalleled hydration!


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