Municipalité de Val-Morin

Municipalité de Val-Morin

Across a landscape of mountains and valleys lies Val-Morin, a charming village offering a multitude of activities in winter such as downhill skiing, snowshoeing, skating and cross-country skiing in and around the Parc Val-David-Val-Morin. Summer also brings its list of things to do, including canoe and kayak excursions on the Rivière du Nord, golf, horseback riding and go-kart racing. Cyclists can take a ride up or down one of the most beautiful sections of the Linear Park, stopping off for a refreshing swim at the beach on Lac Raymond, staying at local B&Bs, or halting awhile at the Val-Morin Station café. Located in the center of Val-Morin, le Théâtre du Marais offers an exceptional variety of cultural activities all year round. The nearby Parc de la Rivière has a quay and a number of picnic tables on the riverside. In Val-Morin, nature and culture combine for the pleasure of all.


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