Tonga Lumina | A night walk in search of the giant

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Tonga Lumina | A night walk in search of the giant

2024: opening June 21

The Tonga Lumina illuminated trail is a sensory experience in the forest produced by Moment Factory. This 1.5-km nocturnal walk takes place on a stone dust pathway at the heart of nature.

The curious and inquisitive souls who set out to uncover the giant’s mysteries will embark on a quest where the real meets the fantastical. Their precious amulet will help guide them to places that still bear the marks of the forgotten people’s veneration for their illustrious giant. The giant is waiting. Are you ready to follow his tracks?

Legend has it that a sleeping giant calls Mont Tremblant home. Whenever he awakens, his descendants return to this sacred land to seek out his ancient wisdom. In these modern times, as the forest is cloaked in shades of green, the giant now beckons to us as well. What secret does he have to share? 

Don the amulet of the lost people and let your spirit of adventure be your guide, as you follow a mysterious path deep into the heart of this enchanted mountain.

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