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Symposium International d'art-nature multidisciplinaire

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Symposium International d'art-nature multidisciplinaire

Art-nature des Jardins du Précambrien is set on four square kilometers of forestland, laced with walking trails. Each year, its Symposium International d'Art-Nature features an outdoor multidisciplinary program!

Les Jardins du Précambrien is justly famed for the creation of international “in situ” art symposiums in Val-David in the Laurentian region. Its thematic background favours the democratization of art and the relationship between the three Americas. A varied programme is created for each symposium. The multidisciplinary approach brings together the visual arts, performance, poetry and music, highlighting the unique relationship between art and nature. Artists from across the Americas are invited to come produce an artistic project during a creative residency in the forest.

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