Sommet Saint-Sauveur's Parc F.U.N.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur's Parc F.U.N.

Enter a magical world of the Parc F.U.N.’s Amusement Park! You will twirl in the Hobeybee’s cups, Fly in the Red Baron’s colorful planes, jump up and down in the Giant Tree or fly away in the Sonic. Take a ride in through the forest in the Viking, the mountain roller coaster, unique in Canada. Fly away in the Dragon, the double zipline. Do not forget to play our 18 holes at the Minigolf. Prepare to live a wide range of emotions and create new memories both feet on the ground or up in the air!



45.886495, -74.148318

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655, chemin Louis-Dufour
Saint-Sauveur QC J0R 1R3


450 227-4671

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1 800 363-2426

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