Parc régional Val-David-Val-Morin | Cross-Country Skiing and snowshoeing

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Snowshoe trails - lenght (km)
30.00 km
Snowshoeing - Number of trails
Snowshoeing - Difficulty
Cross-country skiing trails - length (km)
53.00 km
Cross-country skiing trail - Number of trails
Cross-country skiing trail - Difficulty
Access fee
Heated shelter
Waxing room

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Parc régional Val-David-Val-Morin | Cross-Country Skiing and snowshoeing

Parc régional de Val-David‑Val-Morin provides a magnificent site, dedicated to ecotourism, for outdoors enthusiasts. This protected zone is criss-crossed by many kilometres of trails, which are used for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Anyone who loves taking a forest walk can do so in the peace and tranquility of any one of the numerous trails of varying degrees of difficulty. There are scenic viewpoints, belvederes and huts to make your visit even more pleasant. 

Far Hills Sector
5966, chemin du Lac-La Salle, Val-Morin
819 322-2834

Dufresne Sector
1165, chemin du Condor, Val-David
819 322-6999



46.023228, -74.158614

Address of content item

5966, chemin du Lac-La Salle
Val-Morin QC J0T 2R0


819 322-2834

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