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Trail users must, at all times:

  • Ride in a single file when part of a group;
  • Ride at a reasonable speed and carry out safe manoeuvres ;
  • Keep the trail clear when stopping;
  • Cyclists: ride on the right side of the trail and overtake on the left only;
  • Pedestrians: walk on the left side of the trail (facing cyclists and skaters);
  • Bike helmet is recommended;
  • Maximum speed recommended: 22 km/h.



  • Dogs are not allowed on any of the trails;
  • All electric scooters are prohibited from using the trails;
  • All motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the trails (with the exception of snowmobiles on those sectors set aside for their use in season);
  • Circulation in a wheelchair, four-wheeled scooter or electric three-wheel scooter specifically adapted for a person with reduced mobility is permitted. Considering the safety factor related to the weight of these vehicles, speed of travel is limited to 15 km/h.
  • Ride only in single file;
  • Ride at a comfortable speed; excessive speed and racing are prohibited (maximum speed recommended: 22 km/h);
  • Keep the trail clear when stopping;
  • Overtake on the left only and signal your intention;
  • Bike helmet is recommended;
  • For safety purposes, walkers and hikers must walk face on to cyclists and skaters. This will allow pedestrians to see approaching cyclists and give everyone enough time to react.


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