The linear park project was initiated between 1985 and 1987 with the creation of the «Railway stations survival movement» and the incorporation of the «Corporation of the Laurentian Railway Stations».

In 1994, the Québec government purchased the railway right-of-way from the Canadian Pacific. The Regional County Municipalities (RCM) of Rivière-du-Nord, Pays-d’en-Haut, Laurentides and Antoine-Labelle signed a 60-year lease agreement with the Government of Canada. In 1995, the four RCMs then created the Coalition du parc linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord.

Le P’tit Train du Nord linear park was officially inaugurated in June 1996! In August 2000, the four RCMs created a non-profit corporation that would be responsible of all operations linked to the linear park, including maintenance and security. The Corporation received the mandate to operate and maintain the Lower-Laurentians linear park in 2002 and the Aerobic Corridor in 2003 (a former railway line of the Canadian National, abandoned since 1962).

Since their inception, these regional infrastructures have gained in popularity. Annually, more than one million users admire the heritage and beautiful natural landscapes consisting of forests, wetlands, rivers and lakes.

Le P’tit Train du Nord, 232 km between Bois-des-Filion and Mont-Laurier, as well as the Aerobic Corridor, 58 km between Morin-Heights and Amherst, became main levers of economic development. They also contribute to the tourism, cultural and community development of the Laurentian region. This active means of transport plays an important role in the sporting and social fields and supports improving the health of linear park users, all year long.


The Corporation du parc linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord is a creation of :

The Corporation was created to:

  • Manage and operate multi-use trails in summer and the winter activity center (walking and cross-country skiing) between Saint-Jérôme and Val-David;
  • Encourage the promotion and the development of recreational tourism and outdoor activities, especially hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling;
  • Maintain, patrol, manage and coordinate animation activities, events and risk management;
  • Seek financial assistance from partners, foster continuous product improvement, the development of recreational tourism, maintain infrastructures, facilities and equipment;
  • Underwrite and maintain an insurance policy for civil liability.

Major repairs of infrastructures and pavement are under the jurisdiction of the owner of the abandoned railway line, which is represented by the Québec government, as well as constituents (tenants) represented by the RCMs and cities.


The Corporation du parc linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord ensures (through agreements with the RCMs) management and operation of Le P'tit Train du Nord linear park and the Aerobic Corridor, to which other linear parks could be added. The Corporation manages these facilities for the collective well-being of the population of the Laurentians and as a tool for tourism and economic development in the region.


Le P'tit Train du Nord linear park, the Aerobic Corridor and the adjacent trails are regional recreational and tourism facilities for the Laurentians, offering all residents of the Laurentians access to leisure activities and transport of very high quality and, secondly , managing a major tourist attraction generating significant economic benefits for the Laurentians. The linear parks and adjacent networks are recognized as major recreational and tourism facilities in North America.

The Corporation du parc linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord is :

  • A Laurentian community-based organization;
  • recognized in the community for the quality of its services;
  • a model of regional development;
  • an organization contributing to improving the tourism appeal of the region;
  • playing a leading role in the Laurentian community and within the sector’s national organizations.

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