Hunting and fishing in the Laurentians

Thanks to its endless forest with its high density of game, the Laurentians has been a place of choice for hunters from near and far for many decades. Big game hunters can try for moose, white-tailed deer and bear. For those who prefer smaller game, there is an equal abundance of partridge and hare.

Fishing enthusiasts also find their place up here. Our lakes and rivers teem with all sorts of game and smaller fish: more than a dozen species are splashing around waiting for anglers.

Where to go:

  • The Papineau-Labelle (819 454-2011, extn. 33) and Rouge-Matawin (819 275-1811) wildlife reserves. You should phone ahead prior to traveling to find out fishing and hunting conditions or contact the Reservations and Sales Department of the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ) at 418 890- 6527 or 1 800 665-6527.
  • Hunting is forbidden in the Mont-Tremblant National Park, but fishing is permitted. Information: 819 688-2281.
  • Our 6 controlled zones (known as zecs). Zecs are territorial infrastructures for hunting, fishing and recreation, the management of which is entrusted to non-profit organizations. These organizations are responsible for the management and conservation of wildlife on their territories. For more information please visit:

Information concerning regulations

Outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping are all strictly regulated in Québec. Regulations governing hunting and trapping come under the Conservation Act, while those concerned with fishing come under the Fisheries Act. Prior to practising any of these activities, outdoors enthusiasts are invited to learn more about what regulations apply to each of these activities and what licenses may be required.

Ministère des Ressources naturelles:
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