Forêt des Laurentides

Chefs and producers have taken up the challenge of the Bouquet de Saveurs des Laurentides.

  • evergreens
  • buckwheat
  • maple products
  • apples and apple products
  • regional mushrooms
  • berries
  • farm-raised game meat

Discover creative dishes and products that include three of the seven Laurentian flavours.
Enjoy these gourmet experiences!

Bouquets de Saveurs Laurentides is a label that ensures quality control for a clientele featuring chefs, restaurant operators and food suppliers from the Laurentians.

With the goal of showcasing the region’s restaurant operators and offering their clientele high-quality food, the Bouquet de Saveurs Laurentides label is a distinction that recognizes chefs’ commitment to drawing inspiration from regional products and Quebec’s terroir when creating their menus.


La Tour du Lac

The six-course dinner is served in our magnificent dining room and restaurant, which date back to the last century. An unforgettable experience awaits you, with our flavourful dishes and signature attentive service.  The music, the atmosphere, the smiles—everything is in place for your delight...

Local flavours
  1. Terrace
La Table des Gourmets

We invite you to come and experience refined cuisine that accentuates the tastes and flavours of high-quality products from Quebec.

Be immersed in a friendly atmosphere infused with a passion for cooking, where the creations are a true feast for the eyes.

Local flavours
  1. Terrace
Le Rustique Bar & Restaurant

Game, wild meat and fish make up the menu, which varies each week and offers original high-quality dishes created by the chef’s imagination. Guided by a philosophy rooted in creativity and social consciousness, Le Rustique is committed to showcasing local products.

  1. Bar
  2. Liquor permit
  3. Reception room
  4. Outdoor pay parking
  5. Terrace
Restaurant ROK, L’Estérel

Our restaurant is dedicated to hot stone cooking. Come and enjoy the Butcher’s Block beef tenderloins, giant scallops and the delicious rack of lamb. The view of Dupuis Lake and our mouth-watering menu ensure that you will have a memorable evening of gourmet dining.

  1. Air conditioning
  2. Elevator
  3. Bar
  4. Boutique
  5. Lodging on site
  6. Liquor permit
  7. Reception room
  8. Outdoor parking
  9. Terrace
Patrick Bermand restaurant

The key to happiness is simple: being surrounded by people you love with the only goal of enjoying a good meal. At Patrick Bermand Restaurant, you're more than just a customer. You're the guest of honour of a remarkable host.

Steak House
  1. Air conditioning
  2. Bar
  3. Boutique
  4. Liquor permit
  5. Reception room
  6. Outdoor parking
  7. Terrace
Le Rusé Renard Bistro

Le Rusé Renard in Val-David, nestled in the heart of the Laurentians, offers its visitors an experience combining flavour, atmosphere and charm.

Steak House
  1. Air conditioning
  2. Liquor permit
  3. Parking
  4. Terrace

Bouquet de Saveurs

Each Bouquet de Saveurs Laurentides member is primarily selected for their interest in cooking with regional products and always including at least three of the seven products offered in at least one dish on their menu.

The logo’s colours reflect the seven flavours of Bouquet de Saveurs Laurentides.

Would you like to be part of Bouquet de Saveurs Laurentides?

Chef Olivier Tali

A Message from the Chef/Innovator

I have been in the Laurentians since 1995 and opened my restaurant Le Cheval de Jade in 1999. To help my region and my producers, I integrated a bouquet of Laurentian flavours into my menu. I wanted to share this idea with the chefs in my region and Tourisme Laurentides, and together, we developed the Bouquet de Saveurs Laurentides designation. Many chefs have since adopted the concept and will be happy to present you with their new creations.

Olivier Tali, Chef-Owner of the Cheval de Jade

Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec

Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec – Laurentians chapter

The Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec – Laurentians chapter is a proud partner of the Bouquet de Saveurs Laurentides. Our mission is to help chefs in the region in promoting our craft and local products. We support this initiative on behalf of all the region’s chefs so that this wonderful project will make the Laurentians known throughout the world of gastronomy.

Olivier Tali, Regional Director of the SCCPQ.

Logo Tourisme Laurentides

Life, Up Close!

The Laurentians are 22,000 square kilometres of pure happiness north of Montreal. The diverse ecosystems open multiple horizons for tailor-made experiences based on personal preferences.

With an array of options, including fast food, gourmet meals, and regional and terroir-based cuisine, enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience! The pleasures of the table and courteous, welcoming staff await you here.